Earn $70 per sale of Summer Cart license. Summer Cart is full-featured PHP shopping cart software. Summer Cart shopping cart is fully search engine optimized, supports popular shipping and billing methods, and has multi-language and multi-currency support. Our affiliate program is managed by ShareASale, leading affiliate network, guaranteeing correct tracking and on time payments.
Tiers: 0
Software: ShareASale
Biz Plan Builder,.. Business Black Belt,.. Business Productivity,..Employee Manual Builder,.. Employee Records Builder,.. Financial Model,.. Loan Builder,.. Marketing Plan Software,.. PR Builder,.. Safety Plan,.. Agreement Builder,.. Stock Options Builder. An integrated suite of various professional, wisdom-rich business-building software tools help get your job done... more time to enjoy your success! a 3 level of affiliate commission offers 20% on direct sales + 5% on affiliate sales + 5% on sub-affilaite sales that is tracked by a trusted third party tracking tools... Using the project-specific tools to help you build your business. More than a million and a half business people have used this business power tools to organize, finance, and build their businesses faster and smarter — across all industries, worldwide
Tiers: 3
Software: affiliate tracking
We want you to know where you stand if you are planning to promote our award-winning software titles. Our Site converts around 4.5% of affiliate traffic into sales. We have quite a few affiliates who are already very happy with the success of this program. These are the ones earning already more then the $59/day average. We don't like to oversell our program like many others so we don't tell you that we have many of these so called "Super Affiliates" who earn 1000's of dollars every months. We keep it simple. We are sure you can easily become one of our average affiliate and earn yourself $59/day form re-selling our software.
Admin: Tobias
Tiers: 1
Software: sophisticated third-party payment processor combined with in-house cloaked affiliate URL
We provide a toolbox for every beginner webmaster or not; for creating, running and promoting a website. We provide scripts, ebooks, softwares and tutorials after a small one time fee of $37. We give 46% per sale, which means $17 for each customer you bring to us
Tiers: 0
Software: PostAffiliate 1.3
DIY Accounting is a leading UK supplier of accounting and payroll software to small and medium business. Affiliate program is free to join and pays 20% to 30% commission plus 50% second tier commission to affiliates referred to build a substantial residual income. Install our Windows desktop application (CommissionAlert) and get notified of new commissions right on your desktop! This feature is optional to use.
Admin: Terry
Tiers: 2
Software: iDevAffiliate
We are currently paying 2% commission on every sale. Make money - Earn commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links to SimShack products on your website and e-mails. Feature high quality content - make your flight simulation website more appealing by featuring the latest flight simulation software, give your users more content to read. Link by text links, banners and individual product links. You can be paid via check or PayPal, whatever is easiest for you.
Admin: Ryan
Tiers: 1
Software: osCommerce
Social Bookmarking is one of the hottest topic today and related software are hot sellers. BookmarkingDemon, a Social Bookmarking automation software, easily stand out from other similar softwares in terms of features and pricing. It automates account creation and bookmarking at social bookmarking sites. With it, user can expect targeted traffic and an improvement in search engine ranking. High conversion rates, Paying 50% ($44) per sale in commissions through Clickbank.
Admin: Edwin
Tiers: 1
Software: ClickBank
Proven software tools for small/medium business organization, financing and business process improvement. Offer professional business development software to your clients: Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Employee Policies Handbook, HR Tracking System, Safety Plan, PR Templates, Sample Contracts, Stock Options... All proven successful over the past 18 years. Each sell for $50-$100. Easy download. Perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants. We pay you 20%.
Admin: Burke
Tiers: 3
Software: LinkConnector
Secure-eBook offers the technology needed to publish and protect eBooks. It provides authors and editors with one of the most efficient eBook protection system, and makes eBook publishing easy and accessible to anyone. Secure-eBook integrates Document Rights Management (DRM) and eBook security, and offers features addressing selling and publishing of eBooks. Join the Secure-eBook affiliate program now and earn up to 35% per sale plus an additional 5% of sales generated by affiliates you refer.
Admin: Alain
Tiers: 2
Software: Post Affiliate Pro is a leading developer of PDF Converter Software at the desktop, server and enterprise level. Our PDF extraction products let users convert their PDF data into more useable data such as editable Word documents and formatted Excel spreadsheets. We also offer PDF creation software that lets users create PDF documents from any printable MS Windows application. Our affiliate program pays out a generous 30% CPS with 25% 2nd tier. 365 day sales cookie! Payment threshold is $50.
Tiers: 2
Software: AffiliateTraction
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